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Offering 40 Years of Excellence

Sam Houston State University built one of the first Ph.D. programs in criminal justice 40 years ago, which has produced prominent leaders in academia and in practice all over the world.

Take a journey through four decades of Ph.D. program with some of its distinguished graduates and find out what SHSU has contributed to their careers. The College's alumni serve on key academic professional organizations, teach at prestigious colleges and universities, provide prominent research in the field and work at criminal justice agencies across the globe.

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Linking Students with Jobs

SHSU Alumnus Robert Garmon thrilled students with real stories from the U.S. Marshals Service and gave them tips on how to get a job with the agency as part of Real Talk with CJ series. It is only one of the ways the College is getting students ready for work in criminal justice through a Career Fair, Undergraduate Research Conference, Internships and the Beto Chair Lecture series.

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Aiming for a Degree Online

ICE Agent William Gibson, a 1995 SHSU graduate, has dreams of following a 20-year career at the Immigration and Customs Office with an opportunity to teach the next generation of law enforcement. Despite a busy and erratic schedule working at the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas Office in Dallas, Gibson is pursuing his master’s degree at the College of Criminal Justice through an online program.

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Targeting Ballistics Research

SHSU faculty and graduate students continue to lead the way in research in the field of criminal justice, include Dr. William King’s study of the use and effectiveness of a national ballistics database. Discover the latest achievements of the faculty and graduate students.

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Creating an Independent Crime Lab

The College of Criminal Justice launched a new regional crime lab this fall to provide toxicology tests and controlled substance identification for up to 100 local and state agencies in Southeast Texas. It is part of the ongoing support offered to professionals through the College’s many institutes, training programs and research initiatives.

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Climbing the Ranks in Publications

The SHSU College of Criminal Justice was recently ranked third among criminal justice doctoral programs in the number of articles published over the last four years. Here is a list of the latest research published by Faculty, Doctoral Students and Alumni of the College.

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