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Recent Publications

SHSU faculty, graduate students, and alumni contribute to the field of criminal justice with books and articles in academic publications.

Recent Publications

Here is a list of recent publications by faculty, graduate students and alumni of Sam Houston State University, College of Criminal Justice.

Aitkenhead-Peterson, J.A., Owings, C.G., Alexander, M.B., Larison, N., & Bytheway, J.A. (2011). Mapping the lateral extent of human cadaver decomposition with soil chemistry. Forensic Science International.

Alvaro, M., Boone, T.B., Gangitano, D.A., Smith, C.P., & Somogyi, G.T. (2010). Removal of Urothelium affects bladder contractility and release of ATP but not release of NO in rat urinary bladder. BMC Uro 10(10).

Armstrong, G. (Forthcoming). Factors to consider for optimal span of control in community supervision evidence based practice environments. Criminal Justice Policy Review.

Armstrong, G., & Kim, B. (2011). Juvenile penalties for “lawyering up”: The role of counsel and extralegal case characteristics. Crime and Delinquency. 5(6), 827-848.

Armstrong, T.A., Katz, C., & Schnebly, S. (2010). The relationship between citizen perceptions of collective efficacy and neighborhood violent crime. Crime & Delinquency.

Akers, R.L. Fox, K.A., & Nobles, M.R. (2011). Is stalking a learned phenomenon? An empirical test of social learning theory. Journal of Criminal Justice, 39 (1), 39-47.

Atkin, C.A.*, & Armstrong, G., (Forthcoming). Does the concentration of parolees in a community impact employer attitudes toward the hiring of ex-offenders? Criminal Justice Policy Review.

Barnes, J.C., Beaver, K.M., & Boutwell, B.B.(Forthcoming). Examining the genetic underpinnings to Moffitt's developmental taxonomy: A behavioral genetic analysis. Criminology.

Barnes, J.C., Boutwell, B.B., & Beaver, K.M. (Forthcoming). Height in adolescence predicts polydrug use in adolescence and young adulthood. Physiology and Behavior.

Barnes¸ J.C., Boutwell, B.B., Morris, R.G.**, & Armstrong, T.A. (Forthcoming). Explaining differential patterns of self-reported delinquency: Evidence from latent class analysis of sibling pairs. Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice.

Beaver, K.M., Vaughn, M.G., DeLisi, M., Barnes, J.C., & Boutwell, B.B. (Forthcoming). The neuropsychological underpinnings to psychopathy in a nationally representative and longitudinal sample. Psychiatric Quarterly.

Beaver, K.M., Flores, T., Boutwell, B.B., & Gibson, C.L. (Forthcoming). Genetic influences on adolescent eating habits. Health Education and Behavior.

Blackburn, A.G.**, Fowler, S.K.**, Marquart, J.W. & Mullings, J.L. (2010). Inmates cultural beliefs about sexual violence and their relationship to definitions of sexual assault. Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, 49 (3), 180-199.

Boklewski, J., Bytheway, J.A., Cameron, J.L., Greenough, W.T., Kohler, S.J., Lange, H., Lee, K.J., McCormick, K., Rhyu, I.J., Stanton, G.B., & Williams, N.I. (2010). Effects of aerobic exercise training on cognitive function and cortical vascularity in monkeys. Neuroscience, 167(4), 1239-1248.

Bouffard, J.A., Cavanaugh, M.R.*, Wells, W., & Nobles, M.R. (Forthcoming). Student attitudes toward concealed handguns on campus at two universities. American Journal of Public Health.

Bouffard, J.A., Nobles, M., & Wells, W. (Forthcoming). Differences across majors in the desire to obtain a license to carry a concealed handgun on campus: Implications for criminal justice education. Journal of Criminal Justice Education.

Bouffard, J.A., Nobles, M., Wells, W., & Cavanaugh, M.* (Forthcoming). How many more guns? Estimating the effect of allowing concealed handgun licenses on college campuses. Journal of Interpersonal Violence .

Boutwell, B.B., Beaver, K.M., Gibson, C.L., & Ward, J.T. (Forthcoming). Prenatal exposure to cigarette smoke and childhood externalizing behavioral problems: A propensity score matching approach. International Journal of Environmental Heath Research.

Boutwell, B.B., & Beaver, K.M. (2010). The role of broken homes in the development of self-control: A propensity score matching approach. Journal of Criminal Justice, 38, 489-495.

Boutwell, B.B., & Beaver K.M. (2010). Maternal cigarette smoking during pregnancy and offspring externalizing behavioral problems: A propensity score matching analysis. International Journal of Environmental and Public Heath Research, 7, 146-163.

Bytheway, J.A. et al. (2010). Scavenging behavior of lynx refus on human remains during the winter months of southeast Texas. Forensic Science.

Chang, K., Cuvelier, S., Kuo, S.**, & Longmire, D. (2010). Prosecutorial decision-making in Taiwan-A partial test of Black’s behavior of law. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, 54(6), 1023-1046.

Cordner, G.S. & Scarborough, K.E. **(2011). Police administration. San Diego, CA: Anderson Publishing.

Cuvelier, S., Lim, L. (2010). The impact of police levels on crime rates: A systematic analysis of methods and statistics in existing studies. Asia Pacific Journal of Police and Criminal Justice, 8 (1), 49-82.

Farrell, A.L., Keppel, R.D., & Titterington, V.B. (2011). Lethal ladies: Revisiting what we know about female serial murderers.” Homicide Studies, 15 (3): 228-252.

Fox, K.A., Zambrana, K., & Lane, J. (2011). Getting in (and staying in) when everyone else wants to get out: Ten lessons learned from conducting research with inmates. Journal of Criminal Justice Education, 22, 304-327.

Fox, K.A., Nobles, M.R., & Fisher, B.S. (2011). Method to the madness: An examination of stalking measurements. Aggression and Violent Behavior, 16, 74-84.

Fox, K.A., Nobles, M.R., & Akers, R.L. (2011). Is stalking a learned phenomenon? An empirical test of social learning theory. Journal of Criminal Justice, 39, 39-47.

Franklin, C.A. (2010). The effect of victim attitudes and behaviors on sexual assault victimization severity: An examination of university women. Women and Criminal Justice, 20, 239-262.

Franklin, T.W. (2011) Sentencing Native Americans in U.S. Federal Courts: An examination of Disparity. Justice Quarterly.

Franklin, T.W. (2010). Social context and prosecutorial charging decisions: A multilevel analysis of case-and country-level factors. Journal of Criminal Justice, 38, 693-701.

Gaines, L.K.** & Keppeler, V.E.** (2011) Policing in America (7th ed.). San Diego, CA: Anderson Publishing.

Jo, Y.*, Zhang, Y. (Forthcoming). The stability of self-control: A group-based approach. Asian Journal of Criminology .

Henderson, H. & Miller, H.A. (Forthcoming). The (twice) failure of the Wisconsin risk needs assessment instrument. Criminal Justice Policy Review.

Katz, C.M., Webb, V.J., Fox, K.A., & Shaffer, J.N. (2011). Understanding the relationship between violent victimization and gang membership. Journal of Criminal Justice, 39, 48-59.

King, W.R. (2010). Organizational failure and the disbanding of local police agencies. Crime & Delinquency.

Lane, J. & Fox, K.A. (2011) Fear of crime among gang and non-gang offenders: Comparing the effects of perpetration, victimization and neighborhood factors. Justice Quarterly.

Lee, J*, Jang, H.** & Bouffard, L. (Forthcoming) Maternal employment and juvenile delinquency: A longitudinal study of Korean adolescents. Crime & Delinquency.

Maguire, E.R.,King, W.R., Johnson, D., & Katz, C. (2010). Why homicide clearance rates decrease: Evidence from the Caribbean. Policing and Society, 20(4), 373-400.

Menaker,* T.A., & Franklin, C.A. (Forthcoming) Juvenile female prostitutes and subject perceptions of blameworthiness: Examining the effects of victimization history disclosure and prostitute race. Journal of Criminal Justice.

Menard, S. (Forthcoming). Peer influence, social bonding, physical and relational aggression: Perpetration and victimization in an elementary school sample. Victims and Offenders.

Menard, S. (Forthcoming). Standards for standardized logistic regression coefficients. Social Forces.

Menard, S., Morris, R.G.**, Gerber J., & Covey, H.C.(Forthcoming). Distribution and correlates of self-reported crimes of trust. Deviant Behavior.

Miller, H.A. & Kim, B. (Forthcoming). Curriculum implications of anti-gay attitudes among undergraduate criminal justice majors. Journal of Criminal Justice Education.

Morris, R.G.**, Longmire, D., Buffington-Vollum, J., & Vollum, S.** (2010). Institutional misconduct and differential parole eligibility among capital inmates. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 34(4), 417-438.

Nobles, M.R., Fox, K.A., Khey, D.N., & Lizotte, A.J.(Forthcoming). Community and campus crime: A geospatial examination of the Clery Act. Crime & Delinquency .

Nolasco, C.**, Vaughn, M.S., & del Carmen, R.V. (2011). What Herring hath wrought: An analysis of post-Herring cases in the federal courts. American Journal of Criminal Law.

Oliver, W.M. (2011). Crime, history and Hollywood: Learning criminal justice history through major motion pictures. Journal of Criminal Justice Education, 22(3), 420-439.

Patton, C., Nobles, M.R., & Fox, K.A. (2010). Look who’s stalking: Stalking perpetration and attachment theory. Journal of Criminal Justice, 38, 282-290.

Ren, L., Zhang, Y., & Zhao, J.S. (Forthcoming). The deterrent effect of the castle doctrine law on burglary in Texas: A tale of outcomes in Houston and Dallas. Crime & Delinquency.

Sarver, R.A. III**, Lyons, P.M. (2010). Representativeness of petit juries. Applied Psychology in Criminal Justice, 6(2), 30-42.

Souryal, S. (2010). Demythologizing personal loyalty to superiors. Critical Criminology, 19(2).

Zhang, Y., Zhang, L.,& Vaughn, M.S. (Forthcoming). Indeterminate and determinate models: A state-specific analysis of their effects on recidivism. Crime & Delinquency.

Ward, J.T., Nobles, M.R., Yostin, T.J., & Cook, C.L. (Forthcoming). Placing the neighborhood accessibility-burglary link in social-structural context. Crime & Delinquency.

Webb, V.J., Ren, L., Zhao J.S., He, N., & Marshall, I.H. (Forthcoming). A comparative study on youth gangs in China and the United States: Definition, offending and victimization. International Criminal Justice Review.

Wells, W. & Chermak, S. Forthcoming). Risk factors for gun victimization in a sample of probationers. Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

Wells, W., Katz, C.M., & Kim, J. (2010). Illegal gun possession among a sample of arrestees in Trinidad and Tobago. Injury Prevention, 16, 337-342.

Wells, W., Zhang, Y. & Zhao, J.S. (Forthcoming). The effects of gun possession arrests made by a proactive police patrol unit. Policing: an International Journal of Police Strategies & Management.

Worley, R.**,Worley, V.B, & Mullings, J.L. (2010). Rape lore in correctional settings: Assessing inmates’ perceptions of sexual coercion in prisons. Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice, 7(1).

Zhang, Y., Day, G.**, & Cao, L. (Forthcoming). A partial test of Agnew’s general theory of crime and delinquency. Crime & Delinquency.

Zhao, J.S.,Lai, Y.**, Ren, L., & Lawton, B.(Forthcoming). The impact of race/ethnicity and quality-of-life policing on public attitudes toward racially biased policing and traffic stops. Crime & Delinquency.

Zhao, J.S., Ren, L., & Lovrich, N. (2010). Police organizational structures during the 1990s: An application of contingency theory. Police Quarterly, 13, 209-232.

Zhao, J.S., Ren, L., & Lovrich, N. (Forthcoming). Political culture vs. socioeconomic approaches to predicting police strength in U.S. police agencies: Results of a longitudinal study, 1993-2003. Crime & Delinquency.

Zhao, J.S., Ren, L., & Lovrich, N.(2010). Wilson’s theory of local political culture revisited in today’s police organizations: A longitudinal study. Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies and Management, 33, 287-304.

Zhao, J.S., Zhang, Y., & Thurman, Q. (2011). Can additional resources lead to higher levels of productivity (arrests) in police agencies? Criminal Justice Review, 36,165-182.


Bold: Faculty
*: Graduate Student
**: Alumni

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