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Eyes in the Skies

Angela Warner, a supervisory agent in the DEA's Aviation Division, is pursuing a Master's degree online to help her ace the agency's highest promotional exam.

As the first female helicopter pilot and supervisory agent for the DEA Aviation Division, Angela Warner is the eyes in the skies for narcotic cases from South Texas to Central America. Warner also is an online Master's student at the College of Criminal Justice, preparing for the top promotional test that will take her to new heights in her agency.

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Secret Service

Emily Jaso got a firsthand look at protecting the U.S. President during a campaign stop in Houston, but her real passion lies in numbers and justice, making the U.S. Secret Service the perfect place to learn her craft. The SHSU student spent her Spring semester as an intern with the Houston office, tracking down Medicare fraud and investigating counterfeit currency.

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Drug Wars

For nine years, Special Agent Nate Fountain has been on the frontline of the War on Drugs in Detroit and Houston, seizing thousands of pounds of narcotics and millions of dollars from drug sales. Find out what it is like to work for DEA in one of the largest hubs for drug distribution in the U.S. as well as a downtrodden city at the end of the line for the drug trade.

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Police Chiefs

As part of an ongoing research project at SHSU, Dr. William King and his graduate students are profiling the state's top cops to get a snapshot of leaders for state, municipal, school district and special district police and the most pressing issues they face in the field. See what the first year of the study reveals about Texas Police Chiefs.

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CSI: Teachers

High school teachers were transformed into Crime Scene Investigators during two weeks of training by the Southeast Texas Applied Forensic Science Facility. In the fall, they will return to their classrooms armed with real life experiments in fingerprinting, ballistics, pattern evidence, photography, searches and mapping, forensic anthropology, entomology, and human remains.

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Recent Publications

Faculty, graduate students and alumni from Sam Houston State University continue to lead research in the criminal justice field.

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