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Homeland Security

The College debuted a new master's degree and related certificate programs in Homeland Security Studies.

To expand opportunities for jobs in government agencies and private companies, the Department of Security Studies is introducing a new Master of Science in Homeland Security Studies as well as certificate programs in Emergency Management and Critical Infrastructure Protection.

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Welcoming New Faculty

The College of Criminal Justice is proud to introduce five new faculty members for the fall, including Drs. Brittany Hayes, Melinda Tasca, and Mary Breaux in the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology and Drs. Russell Lundberg and Nathan Jones in the Department of Security Studies.

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Probing Fires/Explosives at ATF

Alumnus Billy Magalassi recently received the "International Fire Investigator of the Year" award for his investigation of an Oklahoma arson case involving the murder of a mother and her two children.

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Using DNA to Identify Fire Victims

Samantha Tippen, a Master of Science in Forensic Science graduate, completed a research project that collected DNA from incinerated tooth samples, which may be used to identify victims of arsons or fires.

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Sharing Gang Intelligence

Representatives from corrections, parole, probation and law enforcement attended a conference sponsored by the Texas Violent Gang Task Force to learn the latest information on gangs and extremist groups operating in East Texas as well as prisons and jails.

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Recent Publications

Faculty, graduate students and alumni from Sam Houston State University continue to lead research in the criminal justice field.

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