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Victoria Titterington


  • Ph.D. Sociology, Tulane University (1995)
  • M.S.B. Business Administration, Husson College (1988)
  • M.S.W. Social Work, University of Houston (1977)
  • B.A. Sociology, Texas Tech University (1972)


Office: CJ Hotel Building 215
Phone: (936) 294-4771

Areas of Expertise:
Aging & Crime


  • Tapia, Natalia D., Michael Vaughn and Victoria B. Titterington (2016). "Courts' Decisions on Elder Victimization." Criminal Law Bulletin 52, 3:604-629.
  • Farrell, Amanda, Robert D. Keppel and Victoria B. Titterington (2013). "Testing Existing Classifications of Serial Murder Considering Gender: An Exploratory Analysis of Solo Female Serial Murderers." Journal of Investigative Psychology and Offender Profiling,. (Originally published online: May 20, 2013). doi: 10.1002/jip.1392.
  • Titterington, Victoria B., Pierre M. Rivolta, and Scot Schraufnagel. (2013). "Right-to-Die Legislation: A Note on Factors Associated with Its Adoption." Sociological Spectrum, 33, 4: 358-373.
  • Titterington, Victoria B., and Jeanne Subjack. (2012). "Margo Wilson's Influence Continues: A Research Note on the Sex Ratios of Killing (SROKs) in Texas' Six Largest Cities." Homicide Studies, Vol. 16(4): 379 - 391.
  • Farrell, Amanda L, Robert D. Keppel and Victoria B. Titterington. (2011). "Lethal Ladies: Revisiting What We Know about Female Serial Murderers." Homicide Studies, Vol. 15(3): 228-252.
  • Kim, Bitna, Victoria B. Titterington, Yeonghee Kim, and William Wells, (2010). "Domestic Violence and South Korean Women; the Cultural Context and Alternative Experiences." Violence & Victims, Vol. 25(6):814-30.
  • Titterington, Victoria B., & Napoleon C. Reyes. (2010) "Elder Homicide in Urban America: An Exploratory Analysis of Chicago, Houston and Miami." Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice. Vol. 6,3: 228-249.

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