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Department of Forensic Science

Jorn (Chi-Chung) Yu

Associate Professor

  • Ph.D. Chemistry, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada (2006)
  • M.S. Forensic Science, Central Police University, Taiwan (2000)
  • B.S. Forensic Science, Central Police University, Taiwan (1994)


Office: CFS-221F
Phone: (936) 294-4412

Areas of Expertise:
Forensic Science, Analytical Chemistry, Trace Evidence, Pattern Evidence


Before joining SHSU, Dr. Chi-Chung (Jorn) Yu was a forensic scientist at Forensic Science Center, Taipei, Taiwan. As a practitioner in crime scene investigation, he had numerous opportunities to resolve major crimes within the Taipei municipal area. During his graduate training, he completed a study using different algorithms to search infrared spectra for automobile coatings by the use of Micro-FT-IR (a Microscope coupled to a Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy). At SHSU, Dr. Yu studied testing techniques for amphetamines and a mold toxin and has assisted as a forensic advisor for a study of the NIBN database and the development of an online certification program for forensic science teachers for the Texas Education Association. Most recently, he collaborated by Dr. Ilona Petrikovics on a new biomarker for cyanide poisoning. His current research interests focus on forensic chemistry, examination of trace evidence and analysis of pattern evidence. His research lab is working on developing novel analytical techniques for the application in forensic science.

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