Drug Impairment Training
for Educational Professionals

The goal of the DITEP Course is to enable the secondary educational professional to recognize the signs and symptoms of drug and/or alcohol impairment, in order to:

It is hoped this training will ultimately reduce the number of underage drug and/or alcohol related traffic fatalities. The information and procedures presented in this course are for administrative purposes only. They are designed to aid in the assessment of drug and/or alcohol impairment in students. The subject matter presented will touch upon some, but not all of, the factors a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) considers when examining a drug-impaired individual. This training is not designed as an enforcement tool and will not qualify the participant as a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE).

COURSE OBJECTIVES (6-hour course - one day):

Trainers for this course are certified DRE Instructors.


Hosting Requirements:

If you are interested in hosting this course at your training facility, please send three dates of interest to our office at (936) 294-3079 or dre@shsu.edu.