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Our Newsletter: To help disseminate information about the Center, its programs, and other topics of interest, a newsletter is published and sent to law enforcement agencies across the state. Included in this publication are a training schedule, a description of Center activities, and other community oriented policing and problem solving information.

     Winter 2007 newsletter
     Winter 2006 newsletter

TRCPI Annual Reports:

     2006 Report
     2005 Report
     2004 Report
     2003 Report
     2002 Report
     2001 Report
     2000 Report
     1999 Report
     1998 Report

Bulletin Series: In concert with the Texas Law Enforcement Management and Administrative Statistics Program (TELEMASP), the TRCPI produced Bulletins on specific policing innovation issues. Many of the Bulletins addressed our former specialty area - merging community oriented policing with crime-specific strategies. These publications were sent to law enforcement agencies across the state as well as members of agencies at the rank of lieutenant or higher.

Additional Publications:

     TRCPI Brochure
     TRCPI Fact Sheet
     Presidents's DNA Initiative: Advancing Justice Through DNA Technology


We are compiling articles related to law enforcement that may be of interest to you. Some articles have been published in Texas Highway Patrol Association Magazine. Please click on the following links to peruse the articles.