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Our efforts at training, technical assistance, and emerging issues/solutions forums constitute an integrated set of our core activities. In order to assist agencies and communities in implementing community oriented policing, we bundle these services in a customized way to provide a suite of implementation support services. Typically, we add to this menu of services periodic coaching and mentoring by practitioners who have successfully implemented community policing in their own agencies. Following a thorough assessment stage through which strategy is developed, we implement the approach “Texas-style.”

  Translation of the strategy into concrete steps
  Engagement of all relevant stakeholders
eXecution of the plan
  Assessment (independent and ongoing) of the success of the plan
  Support to maintain the gains and progress

We currently are working with the Burleson and San Angelo Police departments, helping them expand their already substantial community oriented policing efforts. In both cases, the Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT) is conducting the independent evaluation. In the case of San Angelo, LEMIT is also conducting the preliminary assessment.

Our efforts have not been confined to our home state, or even our home country. We are currently partnering with Freedom House, a non-governmental organization in Washington, DC on a project related to community policing implementation for the U.S. Agency for International Development in Bangladesh.

We also have developed and implemented a community policing internship program at the Alvin and League City police departments for students from the Zhejiang Police College in (ZPC) Hangzhou, China. This internship is part of a broader exchange program that saw the Center’s Executive Director, Dr. Phillip Lyons, spend a couple of weeks at ZPC teaching the International Police Corps of the college about Policing in America, particularly our community policing efforts.

Our larger projects, such as those overseas or those that involve particularly complex issues, we rely on some of the leading lights in American Policing, such as William Geller and Darrel Stephens. A description of the three-phase approach we employ for such projects can be found under the International Projects tab.

picture of police officers

picture of police officers