Alumni Updates

By Veronica Gonzalez Hoff

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Class Notes

Barry Gresham, BS, Class of 1995 was promoted to Assistant Chief of Police in January 2017. Then moved to Conroe, Texas in 2017.

Ron Parker, MS, Class of 2014, was previously serving as an assistant chief at La Porte Police Department, where he was employed for almost 35 years. Then he was appointed to chief of police effective October 8, 2018.

Bradley Campbell, PhD, Class of 2015, was awarded two federal grants in 2018. One is a three-year award from the Bureau of Justice Assistance Sexual Assault Kit Initiative ($189,831) to study the problem of unsubmitted sexual assault kits in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. This three-year award will fund a comprehensive study of causes of the backlog and an evaluation of rape law reform in Kentucky. The second grant is a two-year award from the National Institute of Justice ($331,131) that will use a randomized controlled trial to examine the effectiveness of trauma-informed interview training coupled with an established healthcare training method - standardized patient training - on improving law enforcement officers' performance in interviews with sexual assault victims.


Real Talk w/ CJ Welcomes Alumni Guest Speakers

The College of Criminal Justice recently welcomed alumni Sgt. Erik Burse and Eric Semlear as a guest speakers for our Real Talk w/ CJ events. The college hosts Real Talk speakers twice a semester (in the Fall and Spring) and like to invite alumni from a wide variety of agencies that will help students continue to explore their career options, and give students a chance to network with those who were once where they are.

If you are interested in visiting as one of our Real Talk guest speakers, contact Veronica Gonzalez Hoff at

Sgt. Erik Burse - Texas Department of Public Safety

SHSU Criminal Justice Alumnus Sergeant Erik Burse is the Media & Communications Sergeant stationed in Conroe for the Texas Department of Public Safety and has been with them for 17 years. Our alumnus talked about what it is like to work for their agency, the internship opportunities they provide, and tips on making it through the application process.

Erik Semlear - Threat Assessment Management, Gavin de Becker & Associates, L.P.

SHSU Criminal Justice Alumnus Eric Semlear is a Senior Case Manager with the Threat Assessment and Management Division. Prior to joining Gavin de Becker & Associates, Eric worked with the Brazos County Attorney's Office Investigations Division and Texas Department of Children and Protective Services. He assessed hundreds of high-risk cases involving abuse and neglect of children and adults. Eric has extensive experience conducting interviews and reviewing communications in order to assess risks. The Threat Assessment and Management Division from Gavin de Becker & Associates, L.P. GDBA is a National Security services provider whose clients have included the CIA, FBI, Defense Intelligence Agency, U.S. Supreme Court Police, U.S. Marshals Service, and police agencies throughout the Nation. GDBA protects several thousand clients and provides consultation on security programs and protective coverage.