The following faculty research has been recently published:

Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology

Armstrong, T.A., **Wells, J., Boisvert, D., **Lewis, R., *Cooke, E. M., Woeckener, M., & Kavish, N. (2019). Skin conductance, heart rate, and aggressive behavior type. Biological Psychology, 141, 44-51. LINK

Butler, H. D. Tasca, M., Zhang, Y., & **Carpenter, C. (2019). A systematic and meta-analytic review of the literature on correctional officers: Identifying new avenues for research. Journal of Criminal Justice. 60, 84-92. LINK

Cabeldue, M., **Blackburn, A.G. & Mullings, J.L. (2019). Mental health among incarcerated women: An examination of factors impacting depression and PTSD symptomology. Women & Criminal Justice, 29. LINK

Franklin, C.A., **Menaker, T.A., & **Jin, H.R. (2019). University and community resources for sexual assault survivors: Familiarity with and use of services among college students. Journal of School Violence, 18, 1-20.

Franklin, C. A., *Goodson, A., & Garza, *A. D. (2019). Intimate partner violence among sexual minorities: Predicting police officer arrest decisions. Criminal Justice and Behavior, DOI: 10.1177/0093854819834722. LINK

**Lewis, R. H., Connolly, E. J., Boisvert, D., & Boutwell, B.B. (2019). A behavioral genetic analysis of the co-occurrence of psychopathy and criminal behavior. Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, 35, 52-68.

Wells, W., **Boillot-Fansher, A. & **Campbell, B. (2019). The results of CODIS-hit investigations in a sample of unsubmitted sexual assault kits. Crime & Delinquency, 65, 122-148. LINK

Wright, K. A., Turanovic, J. J., O’Neal, E. N., Morse, S. J., & Booth, E. T. (2019). The cycle of violence revisited: Child maltreatment, resilience, and future violence. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 34, 1261-1286.

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Department of Security Studies

Morag, N. (2018). “International Counterterrorism Laws and Practices: Israel and France in Comparison,” International Criminal Justice Review (1-15). View it here.

Morag, N. (2018). Comparative Homeland Security: Global Lessons. 2nd Edition. New York: Wiley.

Jones, N. (2018). “The Strategic Implications of the Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación.” Journal of Strategic Security 11, no. 1: 19–42.

Baker, N. (2018). “Disaster Preparedness is an Illusion,” The Brooklyn Rail, April 4, 2018. View it here.

Lundberg, R. (2018). “Archetypal Terrorist Events in the United States,” Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, DOI: 10.1080/1057610X.2018.1430618.

Department of Forensic Science

Kyleen Elwick*, Magdalena Bus, Jonathan King, Joseph Change, Sheree Hughes-Stamm and Bruce Budowle. Utility of the Ion S5™ and MiSeq FGx™ Sequencing Platforms to Characterize Challenging Human Remains. Legal Medicine, 41, 101623 (Nov 2019).

Madeline Roman*, David Gangitano and Rachel Houston. Characterization of New Chloroplast Markers to Determine Biogeographical Origin and Crop Type of Cannabis sativa. International Journal of Legal Medicine, 133(6), 1721-1732 (Nov 2019).

Michelle Harrel* and Sheree Hughes-Stamm. A Powder-free DNA Extraction Workflow for Skeletal Samples. Journal of Forensic Sciences, epub ahead of print DOI: 10.1111/1556-4029.14197 (Sept 2019)

Patrick Buzzini, Brooke Kammrath and Peter De Forest. Trace Evidence? The Term Trace from Adjective to Noun. WIREs Forensic Science, 1(5), e1342 (Sept/Oct 2019).

Britni Skillman* and Sarah Kerrigan. Identification of Suvorexant in Blood Using LC-MS/MS: Important Considerations for Matrix Effects and Quantitative Interferences in Targeted Assays. Journal of Analytical Toxicology, epub ahead of print DOI: 10.1093/jat/bkz083 (Sept 2019)

Esiri Tasker*, Carrie Mayes*, Bobby LaRue and Sheree Hughes-Stamm. Collection and Direct Amplification Methods using the GlobalFiler™ Kit for DNA Recovered from Common Pipe Bomb Substrates. Science & Justice, 59(5), 580-584 (Sept 2019).

Jessica Winborn* and Sarah Kerrigan. Stability and Hydrolysis of Desomorphine-Glucuronide. Journal of Analytical Toxicology, 43(7), 536-542 (Sept 2019).

Michael Truver*, Kaitlyn Palmquist* and Madeleine Swortwood. Oral Fluid and Drug Impairment: Pairing Toxicology with Drug Recognition Expert Observations. Journal of Analytical Toxicology, 43(8), 637-643 (Sept 2019).

Michael Truver*, Shimpei Watanabe, Anna Åstrand, Svante Vikingsson, Henrik Green, Madeleine Swortwood and Robert Kronstrand. 5F-MDMB-PICA Metabolite Identification and Cannabinoid Receptor Activity. Drug Test Analysis, epub ahead of print DOI:10.1002/dta.2688 (Aug 2019).

Jonna Berry, Ashley Gilbert* and Justin Grodnitzky. Cases of Kava Impairment in Iowa Drivers. Journal of Forensic Sciences, epub ahead of print DOI:10.1111/1556.4029.14130 (Jul 2019).

Jessica Winborn* and Sarah Kerrigan. Analysis of Desomorphine in Urine Using Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry. Journal of Analytical Toxicology, 43(5), 340-345 (Jun 2019).

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Bold: Faculty
*: Doctoral Students
**: Alumni