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Top Alumnus Honored

DEA Agent Nate Fountain earned national awards for his efforts in stopping a drug cartel from assassinating a Saudi Arabian ambassador.

DEA Agent Nathaniel "Nate" Fountain, a 2009 SHSU alumnus, and his partner were awarded the highest law enforcement honor in the Drug Enforcement Administration for their role in thwarting an assassination attempt of the Saudi Arabian ambassador by a Mexican drug cartel.

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International Internships

Caleb Lenard received an education in all aspects of criminal justice during an internship with the Department of State in Panama.

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Law Enforcement's Many Hats

With 36 years of law enforcement experience, alumnus and current Security Director Mark Denham's career has ranged from FBI Special Agent to adjunct professor.

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Improving Ballistic Evidence

Research at SHSU is helping to improve the national ballistic database used by law enforcement agents across the country to link weapons and crime.

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Bridging Media and Justice

The College of Criminal Justice and the Global Center for Journalism and Democracy are bridging the gap between the media and criminal justice by offering specialized training for students and professionals.

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Recent Publications

Faculty, graduate students and alumni from Sam Houston State University continue to lead research in the criminal justice field.

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