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Recent Publications

See the latest research available from the faculty, students and alumni from the College of Criminal Justice.

Recent Publications

Here is a list of publications recently produced by faculty, students and alumni of Sam Houston State University, College of Criminal Justice.

Barnes, J.C., Beaver, K.M., & Boutwell, B.B. (2013). A functional polymorphism in a serotonin transporter gene (5-HTTLPR) interacts with 9/11 to predict self-protective behavior. PLOS One, 8(8).

Barnes, J.C., & Boutwell, B.B. (2013). A demonstration of the generalizability of twin-based research on antisocial behavior. Behavior Genetics, 43, 120-131.

Barnes, J.C., Boutwell, B.B., & Beaver, K.M.(2013). Genetic and nonshared environmental factors predict handgun ownership in early adulthood. Death Studies 38(8), 156-164.

Barnes, J.C., Boutwell, B.B., Gibson, C.L., & Beaver, K.M. (2013). Analyzing the origins of childhood externalizing problems. Developmental Psychology, 49(12), 2272-2284.

Beaver, K.M., Barnes, J.C., & Boutwell, B.B. (Eds). (2014). On the origins of criminal behavior and criminality: The nurture versus biosocial debate in criminology. Thousands Oaks, CA.: Sage

Beaver, K.M., Boutwell, B.B. , & Barnes, J.C.(2013). Social support or biosocial support? A genetically informative analysis of social support and its relation to self-control. Criminal Justice and Behavior. Advance online publication.

Beaver, K.M., DeLisi, M., Wright, J.P., Boutwell, B.B., Barnes, J.C. & Vaughn, M.G. (2013). No evidence of racial discrimination in criminal justice processing: Results from a nationally representative and longitudinal sample. Personality and Individual Difference, 55(1), 29-34.

Beaver, K.M., Schwartz, J., Nedelec, J., Connolly, E., Boutwell, B.B., & Barnes, J.C.(2013). Intelligence is associated with criminal justice processing: Arrest through incarceration. Intelligence, 41(5), 277-288.

Boardman, J.D., Menard, S., Roettger, M.E., Knight, K.E., Boutwell, B.B. & Smolen, A. (2013). Genes in the dopaminergic system and delinquent behaviors across the life course: The role of social controls and risks. Criminal Justice and Behavior. Advance online publication.

Boutwell, B.B., Barnes, J.C., Deaton, R., & Beaver, K.M. (2013). On the evolutionary origins of life-course persistent offending: A theoretical scaffold for Moffitt's developmental taxonomy. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 322, 72-80.

Boutwell, B.B., Franklin, C.A., Barnes, J.C., *Tamplin, A.K., Beaver, K.M., & *Petkovsek, M.(2013). Unraveling the covariation of low self-control and victimization: A behavior genetic approach. Journal of Adolescence, 36(4), 657-666.

Boutwell, B.B., Franklin, T.W., Barnes, J.C., Beaver, K.M., *Lewis, R., *Tamplin, A.K. & *Petkovsek, M.A.(2013). County-level IQ and fertility rates: A partial test of Differential-K theory. Personality and Individual Differences, 55, 547-552.

Carlan, P.E., **Thompson, R.A., & **Cheeseman, K.A.(2013). Criminology and criminal justice doctoral programs in 2012-2013: Transformation of a male-dominated area. Journal of Criminal Justice Education, 24(4), 576-593.

Cox, S.M., Allen, J.M. **Hanser, R.D., & Conrad. J.J.(2014). Juvenile justice: A guide to theory, policy, and practice (8th ed). Thousand Oaks, CA.: Sage.

Denham, M., & Onwuegbuzie, A.J.(2013). Beyond words: Using nonverbal communication data in research to enhance thick description and interpretation. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 12, 670-696.

*Grubb, J.A. & del Carmen, R. (2013). Plea bargaining in criminal justice: An analysis of state and federal plea bargaining provisions in the United States. Siliman Law Journal, 6(1), 253-297.

Hughes-Stamm, S., Barash, M., Grisedale, K. & van Daal, A. (2013). Initial evaluation of a 96-plex GoldenGate® Genotyping SNP assay with suboptimal and whole genome amplified samples. Journal of Forensic Investigation, 1(1), 8-16.

Kerrigan, S., **Brady Mellon, M., & **Hinners, P. (2013). Detection of Phenazepam in impaired driving. Journal of Analytical Toxicology, 37(8), 605-610.

*Koeppel, M., Rhineberger-Dunn, G., & Mack, K. (2013). Cross-national homicide: A
contextual analysis of the literature. International Journal of Comparative and Applied
Criminal Justice
. Advance online publication.

*Lee, B., **Lee, J.., & Hoover, L. (2013. Neighborhood characteristics and auto theft: An analysis employing the social disorganization perspective. Security Journal. Advance online publication.

Logan, B.K., Lowrie, K.J., Turri, J.L., Yeakel, J., Limoges, J.F., Miles, A., Scarneo, C.E., Kerrigan, S., & Farrell, L.J. (2013). Recommendations for toxicological investigation of drug impaired driving and motor vehicle fatalities. Journal of Analytical Toxicology, 37(8), 552-558.

*Naito, M.E., Vaughn, M.S., & del Carmen, R.V. (2013). Eyewitness “misidentification”: Analyzing the application of the Manson criteria in homicide cases. The Criminal Law Bulletin, 50(4).

Newsome, J., Boisvert, D., & Wright, J.P. (2014). Genetic and environmental influences on the co-occurrence of early academic achievement and externalizing behavior. Journal of Criminal Justice, 42(1), 45-53.

Noseda, P., Kenline, J., Manning, S., & Gangitano, D. (2013). Population data for DXS6800, DXS101 and DXS8377 loci from Buenos Aires (Argentina). Journal of Forensic Legal Medicine, 20(5), 522-524.

Noseda, N., Hernandez, M., Gonzalez, B., Hughes-Stamm, S., & Gangitano, D. (2013). Genetic study of three closely linked X chromosome STR markers in an Argentinian population. Journal of Forensic Investigation, 1(2), 4.

Payne, J.D., Bowen, D.L., & Woolstenhulme, J. (2013). How religious is 'Islamic' religious terrorism? In V. Ward, & R. Sherlock (Eds.) Religion and terrorism: The use of violence in Abrahamic Monotheism. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

*Rembert, D.A., Henderson, H., & Pirtle, D. (2013). Differential racial/ethnic predictive validity. Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice. Advance online publication.

Stein, D., & Yu, J.C.C. (2013). The use of near-infrared photography to image fired bullets and cartridge cases. Journal of Forensic Science, 58(5), 1330-1335.

*Steinmetz, K. F. & Gerber, J. (2013). “The greatest crime syndicate since the Gambinos”: A hacker critique of government, law, and law enforcement. Deviant Behavior. Advance online publication.



Bold: Faculty

*: Doctoral Students

**: Alumni

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