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LEMIT to Develop Eyewitness I.D. Policy: A new policy and training will be established to enhance eyewitness identification procedures.

LEMIT to Develop Eyewitness ID Policy

A model policy and training on the use of eyewitness identification procedures by police in Texas will be developed by the Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas (LEMIT) at Sam Houston State University.

Under a Texas legislative bill signed into law on June 17, all law enforcement agencies in Texas will be required to adopt a written policy on procedures for live and photo lineup identifications. LEMIT has been assigned with developing a model policy, training materials based on scientific research, and collaboration with small, medium and large police departments and associations.

"LEMIT is pleased to work with many interested groups in developing this policy," said Dr. Rita Watkins, Executive Director of the agency. "It is important that standards of practice protect all people in this important process."

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