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Recent Publications

Climbing the Ranks in Publication: The SHSU College of Criminal Justice was recently ranked third among criminal justice doctoral programs in the number of articles published over the last four years.

Climbing the Ranks in Publication

The College of Criminal Justice at Sam Houston State University ranks third among U.S. criminal justice doctoral programs in the number of academic articles published over the last four years, which is a significant increase over previous studies, according to a recent study. It ranked fourth in the number of articles on a weighed scale, which took into account the prestige of the journals and authorship share of the publications.

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Recent Publications

Alvarez-Rivera, L. & Fox, K. (2010). Institutional Attachments and Self-Control: Understanding Deviance Among Hispanic Adolescents. Journal of Criminal Justice. 38(4), 666-674.

Armstrong, G. & Freeman, B.* (forthcoming). Examining GPS Monitoring Alerts Triggered by Sex Offenders: The Divergence of Legislative Goals and Practical Application in Community Corrections. Journal of Criminal Justice .

Armstrong, T. & Katz, C. (2010). Further Evidence on the Discriminate Validity of Perceptual Incivilities Measures. Justice Quarterly. 27(2), 280-304 .

Armstrong, T., Lee, D. & Armstrong, G. (2009). An Assessment of Scales Measuring Constructs in Test of Criminological Theory Based on National Youth Survey Data. Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency. 46(1), 73-105.

Barua, V.**, Worley, R.** & Mullings, J. (2010). Rape Lore in Correctional Settings: Assessing Inmates’ Perceptions of Sexual Coercion in Prisons. Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice. 7(1).

Bouffard, J. (forthcoming). “In the Heat of the Moment?” Mediating vs. Moderating Relationships between Sexual Arousal and Perceived Sanctions. Journal of Crime and Justice.

Bouffard, J. , Exum, M. & Collins, P. (2010). Methodological Artifacts in Tests of Rational Choice Theory. Journal of Criminal Justice. 38(4), 400-409.

Bouffard, J. & Rice, S. (forthcoming). The Influence of the Social Bond on Self-Control at the Moment of Decision: Testing Hirschi’s Redefinition of Self-Control. American Journal of Criminal Justice.

Bouffard, L. (forthcoming). Exploring the Utility of the Concept of Entitlement in Understanding Sexual Coercion. Journal of Criminal Justice.

Bouffard, L. (forthcoming). Period Effects in the Impact of Vietnam-Era Military Service on Crime over the Life Course. Crime & Delinquency.

Bouffard, L. & Bouffard, J. (forthcoming). Understanding Men’s Perceptions of Risks in a Date Rape Scenario. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology.

Boutwell B. & Beaver, K. (2010). The Intergenerational Transmission of Low Self-Control. Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, 47(2), 174-209.

del Carmen, R., Hemmons, C.**, Bell, V., Brody, D., Collins, S., Nolascom C.*, Walker, J.** & Zalman, M. (2010). Criminal Procedure and the Supreme Court: A Guide to the Major Decisions on Search and Seizure, Privacy, and Individual Rights. Plymouth, UK: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers Inc.

Fowler, S.**, Blackburn, A.**, Marquart, J. & Mullings, J. (2010). Inmates Cultural Beliefs About Sexual Violence and Their Relationship to Definitions of Sexual Assault. Journal of Offender Rehabilitation. 49(3), 180-199.

Fox, K. & Lane, J. (2010). Perceptions of Gangs Among Prosecutors in an Emerging Gang City. Journal of Criminal Justice. 38(4), 595-603.

Fox, K., Lane, J. & Akers, R. (2010). Do Preceptions of Neighborhood Disorganization Predict Crime or Victimization? An Examination of Gang Member Versus Non-Gang Member Jail Inmates. Journal of Criminal Justice. 38(4), 720-729.

Franklin, C. (forthcoming) An Investigation of the Relationship between Self-Control and Alcohol-Induced Sexual Assault: Extending Schreck’s Victimization Hypothesis. Criminal Justice and Behavior.

Franklin, C. (2010). Physically Forced, Alcohol-Induced, and Verbally Coerced Sexual Victimization: Assessing Risk Factors Among University Women. Journal of Criminal Justice, 38(2), 149-159.

Franklin, T. & Fearn, N. (forthcoming). Sentencing Asian Offenders in State Courts: The Influence of a Prevalent Stereotype. Crime and Delinquency .

Franlink T. (2010). Community Influence on Prosecutorial Dismissals: A Multileve Analysis of Case- and Country- Level Factors. Journal of Criminal Justice. 38(4), 693-701.

Garner, R. (2011). Constructing Effective Criticism: How to Give, Receive, and Seek Productive and Constructive Criticism in Our Lives. The Woodlands, TX: Prescient Publishing.

Henderson, H., White, E. & Tapia, N.*(2010). Religious Freedom and Controlled Substances: A Legal Analysis. Criminal Law Bulletin. 46(2), 304-322.

Henderson, H., Wells, W., Maguire, E. & Gray, J. (forthcoming). Evaluating the Measurement Properties of Procedural Justice in a Correctional Setting. Criminal Justice and Behavior.

Hill, J.*, Oliver, W. & Marion, N. (2010). “Shaping History” or “Riding The Wave”?: President Bush’s Influence on the Public Opinion of Terrorism, Homeland Security, & Crime. Journal of Criminal Justice. 38, 896-902.

Hoover, L. (2010). Rethinking Our Expectations: A Research Note. Police Practice and Research. 11(2), 160-165.

Hoover, L., Jang, H.** & Joo, H. (forthcoming). Evaluation Of Compstat’s Effect Upon Crime: The Fort Worth Experience. Police Quarterly.

Jackson, R., Petrikovics, I. Lai, E., & Yu, J. (2010). Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Stir Bar Sorption Extraction and Electrospray Ionization Tandem Mass Spectrometry for Determination of 2-aminothiazoline-4-carboxylic Acid as a Marker for Cyanide Exposure in Forensic Urine Analysis. Analytical Methods. 2(5), 552–557.

Kim B.,** Gerber, J. & Richard, D. (2010). Listen to Law Enforcement Officers: The Promises and Problems of Police – Adult Probation Partnerships. Journal of Criminal Justice. 38(4), 625- 632.

Kim, B.,** Titterington, V., Kim, Y.** & Wells, W. (forthcoming). Domestic Violence and South Korean Women: The Cultural Context and Alternative Experiences. Violence & Victims.

Kim, Hee Joo* and Gerber, Jurg. (2010). Evaluating the Process of a Restorative Justice Conference: An Examination of the Factors That Lead to Reintegrative Shaming. Asia Pacific Journal of Police & Criminal Justice. 8(2), 1-19

King W., & Dunn, T. (2010). Detecting Deception in Field Settings: A Review and Critique of the Criminal Justice and Psychological Literatures. Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies and Management. 33(2), 305-320.

King, W., Katz, C., Giangrasso, D. & Herrera, P. (2010). Improving Homicide Case Closures in the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service. Crime & Justice Analysts. 1-16.

King, W. & Maguire, E. (2009). Assessing the Performance of Systems Designed to Process Criminal Forensic Evidence. Forensic Science Policy and Management. 1(), 159-170.

Lai, Y.*, Cao, L., & Zhao, J. S. (2010). The impact of political entity on confidence in legal authorities: A comparison between China and Taiwan. Journal of Criminal Justice,38, 934-941.

Lai, Y.* & Zhao, S. (2010). The Impact of Race/Ethnicity, Neighborhood Context, and Police/Citizen Interaction on Residents Attitudes Toward the Police. Journal of Criminal Justice. 38(4), 685-692.

Lee, H.* & Vaughn, M. (2010). Organizational Factors that Contribute to Police Deadly Force Liability. Journal of Criminal Justice. 38(2), 193-206.

Lee, H.* & Gerber, J. (2009). ‘We Just Do What We think Is Right. We Just Do What We Are Told: Perceptions of Crime and Justice of North Korean Defectors. Asia Pacific Journal of Police & Criminal Justice. 7(1), 21-48.

MacMillan, S.* & Vaughn, M. (forthcoming) Weighing The Evidence: Neuroimagery Evidence of Brain Trauma or Disorder in Courts. Criminal Law Bulletin. 46(3), 59-77.

Marion, Nancy E. and Oliver, Willard . (2012). The Public Policy of Crime and Criminal Justice Edition 2. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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Zhao, S., Ren, L. & Lovrich, N. (2010). Police Organizational Structures During the 1990s: An Application of Contingency Theory. Police Quarterly. 13(2), 209-232.
Faculty Presentations

Bouffard, J., Bouffard, L., Brody, D., Lutze, F. & Kunzi, T. Evaluating the Effectiveness of an Expedited Court Docket for DUI Offenders. 2010 Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Conference, San Diego, CA.

Bouffard, J., Nobles, M., Wells, W. & Cavanaugh, M.* Estimating the Impact of Lifting the Ban on Carrying Concealed Weapons on a College Campus. 2010 Western Society of Criminology Conference, Honolulu, HI.

Johnson, M.**, Tackett-Gibson, M. & Kercher, G. 2009. Gender Victimization Risk. American Society of Criminology, Philidelphia, PA.

Kercher, G. 2009. Police Response to Intimate Partner Violence. Asian Association of Police Studies, Taipei, Taiwan.

Kercher, G. & Kuo, S.** 2009. Understanding Hispanic Women Victims in Texas. Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, Boston, MA.

Kelly, J. & Yu, J. 2010. Analysis of Non-Toxic Ammunition by Double Shot Pyrolysis Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy (DY-PY GC/MS). The 62nd Anniversary Meeting, American Academy of Forensic Science, Seattle, WA.

Lutze, F., Falconer, S. & Bouffard, J. 2010. Comparative Study of Washington State’s Re-Entry Housing Pilot Project. Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Conference, San Diego, CA.

Rufino, K., Kercher, G. & Johnson, M.** 2009. College Student Victimization: Risk and Protective Factors. American Society of Criminology, Philidelphia, PA.

Stafford, K., Jackson, R.*, Simons, K., Yu, J. & Petrickovics, I. 2010. Analytical Method Development for Determining the Biomarker, 2-Aminothiazoline-4-Carboxylic Acid (ATCA), in Mice Liver After Cyanide Exposure, The 62nd Anniversary Meeting, American Academy of Forensic Science, Seattle, WA.

He, N., Marshall, I. & Ren, L. 2009. School of Crime Victimization, Delinquency and Immigrant Youth: An Analysis of US ISRD-2 Data. Presented at the American Society of Criminology annual meeting in Philidelphia, PA.

Ren, L., Webb,V. & Zhao, J. 2010. A Preliminary Effort to Test the Feasibility of Using Self-Report Methodology to Assess Juvenile Delinquency & Misbehavior in a Chinese School-based Sample Using ISRD Instrumentation. Presented at the European Society of Criminology annual conference in Liège, Belgium.

Ren, L., Zhao, S. & Hoover, L. 2009. The Impact of Houston Crime Reduction Unit on Violent and Property Crimes in Four Patrol Districts. Presented at the American Society of Criminology annual meeting in Philidelphia, PA.

Ren, L., Zhang, Y. & Zhao, S. 2009. A catalyst for change? The impact of Katrina evacuees upon crime patterns in Houston. Presented at the American Society of Criminology annual meeting in Philidelphia, PA.

Zhang, Y., Zhao, S., Ren, L. & Hoover, L. 2009. Spatio-temporal Interaction of Urban Crime in Southwest Houston. Presented at the American Society of Criminology annual meeting in Philidelphia, PA.

Zhao, J., Lai, Y.*, Ren, L., & Lawton, B. (in press). The impact of race/ethnicity and quality-of-life policing on public attitudes toward racially biased policing and traffic stops. Crime & Delinquency.

*SHSU Doctoral Student
**SHSU Alumni

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