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Awards Day at CJ

The College of Criminal Justice presented $109,000 in scholarships to 91 students and recognized 123 scholars at the Honors Convocation.

The best and the brightest students and alumni from the College of Criminal Justice were recognized during a series of events on Awards Day April 28, along with those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the cause.

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The Art and Science of Forensic Sculpting

Facial reconstructionist Amanda Danning, who was commissioned to rebuild the faces of Mexican soldiers killed in the Battle of San Jacinto, was just one of the special guests to inspire students with career choices during visits to the College of Criminal Justice this spring.

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Fighting Crime as a U.S. Attorney

Thomas Scott Woodward, a 1973 Ph.D. graduate, prosecuted the former San Jacinto County Sheriff for prisoner torture and waterboarding and served on an elite national emergency response entity following the Murrah Building Bombing in Oklahoma City. He now serves as U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Oklahoma.

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Student Survey on Guns on Campus

The College of Criminal Justice gave a voice for students in the debate over allowing guns on campus through research by Dr. Jeffrey Bouffard, who surveyed students on their opinions in Texas and Washington.

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LEMIT Trains Police Executives

Since 1989, the Leadership Command College has trained more than 1,500 police supervisors in all aspects of leading a modern day law enforcement agency. The Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas just graduated its 65th class from the nine-week program, a collaborative effort with three universities in the state.

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Ph.D. Student Earns Publishing Prize

A research paper by Ph.D. Student Hoon Lee recently earned an award from a major publishing firm, just one of the recent offerings by the College’s faculty, alumni and staff to expand
the knowledge in the criminal justice field through diverse and ground-breaking research in law enforcement, corrections, security issues, and victim studies.

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