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Recent Publications

Ph.D. Student Earns Publishing Prize: The faculty, students and staff continue to lead new research endeavors in the field of criminal justice.

Ph.D. Student Earns Publishing Prize

Hoon Lee, a Doctoral Teaching Fellow in the College of Criminal Justice, won the "Highly Commended Award for Outstanding Paper" from the Emerald Literati Network for his research on police use of force.

"The award winning papers are chosen following consultation amongst the journal’s Editorial Team, many of whom are eminent academics or managers," said Nelli Rubante, External Relations Assistant for Emerald Group Publishing Limited. "(Hoon’s co-authored) paper has been selected as it was one of the most impressive pieces of work the team has seen throughout 2010.”

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Recent Publications

Here is a list of recent publications by faculty, graduate students and alumni of Sam Houston State University, College of Criminal Justice.

Alarid, L. F.** and Montemayor, C. D. (2010). Attorney perspectives and decisions on the presentence investigation report: A research note. Criminal Justice Policy Review 21. 119-133.

Armstrong, G., Armstrong, T., Webb, V. J., and Atkin, C. A.* (2011). Can financial incentives reduce juvenile confinement levels? An evaluation of the Redeploy Illinois program. Journal of Criminal Justice, 39(2), 183-191.

Blackburn, A. G.** & Trulson, C. R.** (2010). Sugar and spice and everything nice? Exploring institutional misconduct among serious and violent female delinquents. Journal of Criminal Justice, 38(6), 1132-1140.

Bouffard, L. A. & Piquero, N. L. (2010). Defiance theory and life course explanations of persistent offending. Crime & Delinquency, 56(2), 227-252.

Cordner, G. W. and Scarborough, K. E.** (2011). Police administration, 7th. San Diego, CA: Anderson Publishing.

Cunningham, M. D., Sorenson, J. R.**, Vigen, M. P. and Woods, S. O. (2011). Correlates and actuarial models of assaultive prison misconduct among violence-predicted capital offenders. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 38(4), 5-25.

del Carmen, R. & Walker, J. T.** (2011). Briefs on leading cases in law enforcement. San Diego, CA.: Anderson Publishing.

Gaines, L. K.** & Kappeler, V. E. ** (2011). Policing in America, 6th. San Diego, CA.: Anderson Publishing.

Kappeler, V. E.** and Gaines, L. K.** (2011). Community policing: A contemporary perspective. San Diego, CA: Anderson Publishing.

Key, A.* (2010). Choosing sides: Affirmative/negative positions and competitive equity in IPDA. Journal of the International Public Debate Association, 7, 4-21.

Lee, H.*, Jang, H., Yun, I., Lim, H., & Tushaus, D.W. (2010). An Examination of Police Use of Force Utilizing Police Training and Neighborhood Contextual Factors: A Multilevel Analysis. Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies & Management, 33(4), 681-702.

Lim, H., Lee, H.*, and Cuvelier, S.J. (2010). The impact of police levels on crime rates: a systematic analysis of methods and statistics.” Asia Pacific Journal of Police & Criminal Justice 8.

Maddan, S., Miller, J. M., Walker, J. T.** and Ineke, H. M. (2011). Utilizing criminal history information to explore the effect of community notification on sex offender recidivism. Justice Quarterly, 28(2), 303-324.

Marion, N. E. and Oliver, W. M. (2010). Symbolic politics, criminal justice policy, and third political party platforms. Criminal Justice Policy Review, 21(4), 476-499.

Morris, R. G.**, Longmire, D. R., Buffington-Vollum, J.; and Vollum, S.**. (2010). Institutional misconduct and differential parole eligibility among capital inmates. Criminal Justice and Behavior 37(4), 417-438.

Nolasco, C. A.*, & Vaughn, M.S. (2011). Judicial scrutiny of gender-based employment practices in the criminal justice system. Journal of Criminal Justice, 39(2), 106-119.

Reyes, N. C.* & Gerber, J. (2010). Above the law? A comparative study of national prosecutions of heads of state. Critical Criminology 19, 43-73.

Roberts, J. & Wells, W. (2010). The validity of criminal justice contacts reported by inmates: A comparison of self-reported data with official prison records. Journal of Criminal Justice 38(5), 1031-1037.

Scarborough, K. E.** and Collins, P. A. (2011). Women in public and private law enforcement. Burlington, MA: Butterworth-Heinemann.

Serio, J. D.* & Wagner, M.C. (2010). Fit to lead: physical fitness as a core component of leadership. Corrections Today, 50-53.

Smith, K. S. and Blackburn, A. G.**(2011). Is teen court the best fit? Assessing the predictive validity of the teen court peer influence scale. Journal of Criminal Justice, 39(2), 198-204.

Sorenson, J. R.** & Cunningham, M. D. (2010). Conviction offense and prison violence: A comparative study of murderers and other offenders. Crime & Delinquency 56(1), 103-125.

Sorenson, J. R.**, Cunningham, M. D., Vigen, M. P. and Woods, S.O. (2011). Serious assaults on prison staff: A descriptive analysis. Journal of Criminal Justice. 39(2), 143-150.

Sorenson, J. R.** & Davis, J. (2011). Violent criminals locked up: Examining the effect of incarceration on behavioral continuity. Journal of Criminal Justice 39(2), 151-158.

Thurman, Q. C. & Jamieson, J. D.** (Ed.)(2011). Police problem solving. San Diego, CA: Anderson Publishing.

Walker, Jeffery T.** & Hemmens, Craig.** (2011). Legal guide for police constitutional issues, 9th. San Diego, CA: Anderson Publishing.

Webb, D.**, & Hoffpauir, D. (2010). Critical incident management and geographically-based systems. International Journal of Applied Geo-spatial Research, 1(3), 69-75.

Webb, D.**, & Sohn, J. (2010). Deciding if the time is right: the transition to community oriented policing. AAPS Annual Conference Proceedings, 8 , 129-171.


Bold: Faculty
*: Graduate Student
**: Alumni

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