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Weimar Chief Upgrades Small Town Policing: Police Chief Bill Weimar has built a professional, well-equipped police department in Weimar, Texas.

Weimar Chief Upgrades Small Town Policing

When Bill Livingston became Chief of the Weimar Police Department in 1993, officers had to go to the repair shop to pick up patrol cars – and hope that they made it through a shift. The department operated out of a tiny office in City Hall.

Since then, each officer has been assigned their own vehicle equipped with a computer and computer-aided dispatch, a cell phone, .357 gun and rifle, and even V-view lapel cameras. The police department has moved into its own building, with a secure four acre storage lot. It will soon add a vehicle lift to help state and local police search for drugs from stops on the I-10 corridor.

“When I got here, you didn’t go to the police department to get your car, you went to the repair shop,” Livingston said. “Now everyone has their own car. Technology is changing every single day and we are trying to keep up with cell phones, Nextel, CAD systems, computers in cars and new reporting systems.”

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