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Recent Publications

See the latest research available from the faculty, students and alumni from the College of Criminal Justice.

Here is a list of publications recently produced by faculty, students and alumni of Sam Houston State University, College of Criminal Justice.

**Akyuz, K., *Cihan, A., & Roth, M.P. (2011). Striking a balance between liberty & security: The debate over American counterterrorism policies since 9/11. In F. Redding and G. Bonham, (Eds.), Flawed Criminal Justice Policies, (pp. 107-124). Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press.

*Atkin, C. A., & Cramer, R. J. (2012). Ex-offenders on the stand: Steps toward eliminating jury bias. Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice, 12(3), 211-226.

Boutwell, B. B., Beaver, K.M., & Barnes, J.C. (2012). More alike than different: assortative mating and antisocial behaviors, substance use, and criminality in adulthood. Criminal Justice and Behavior. Advance online publication.

*Cavanaugh, M., & Franklin, T.W. (2012). Do DWI courts work? An empirical evaluation of a Texas DWI Court.  Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, 51(4), 257-274.

**Colwell, L.H., Lyons, P.M., Bruce, A.J., Garner, R.L., & Miller, R.S. (2011). Police officers' cognitive appraisals for traumatic events: Implications for treatment and training [Electronic Version]. Applied Psychology in Criminal Justice, 7(2), 106-132.

*Contreras, P.A., Houck, S.S., Davis, W.M., & Yu, J.C.C. (2012). Pyrolysis products of linear alkylbenzenes – implications in fire debris analysis. Journal of Forensic Science. Advance online publication.

*Embry, R. J & Lyons, P. M. (2012). Sex-based sentencing: Sentencing discrepancies between male and female sex offenders. Feminist Criminology, 7(2), 146-162.

*Fallik, S.W., & Novak, K.J. (2012). The decision to search: Is race or ethnicity important? Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, 28(2), 146-165.

Franklin, C.A., *Menaker, T.A., & Kercher, G.A. (2012). Risk and resiliency factors that mediate the effect of family-of-origin violence on adult intimate partner victimization and perpetration. Victims & Offenders. Advance online publication.

Habersman, C. & King, W.R. (2011). The role of research and planning units in law enforcement organizations. Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies & Management,
34(4), 687-698.

Henry, K.L., Knight, K.E. and Thornberry, T.P. (2011). Short- and long-term effects of school disengagement on delinquency and substance use: A longitudinal study of urban youth. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 41, 156-166.

**Hill, J.B., Oliver, W. M., & Marion, N.E. (2012). Presidential politics and the problem of drugs in America: Assessing the relationship between the President, media and public opinion. Criminal Justice Policy Review, 23(1), 90-107.

**Kuo, S.Y, Cuvelier, S.J., & Sheu, C.J. (2011). Crime reporting behavior and Black's Behavior of Law. International Sociology, 27(1), 51-71.

Kerrigan, S. (2011).  Sampling, storage and stability. In A.C. Moffat, M.D. Osselton and B. Widdop (Eds.) Clarke's analysis of drugs and poisons, (4th ed.). London, U.K.: Pharmaceutical Press.

**Kim, H.J., & Gerber, J.  (2011). The effectiveness of reintegrative shaming and restorative justice conferences: Focusing on juvenile offenders' perceptions in Australian reintegrative shaming experiments. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology. Advance online publication.

**Kim, B., Gerber, J., *Henderson, C., & Kim, Y. (2012). Applicability of general power control theory to prosocial and antisocial risk-taking behaviors among women in South Korea. The Prison Journal, 92(1), 125-150.

King, W., & *Matusiak, M. (2012). The myth that police use of force is wide spread.  In R. Bohm & J.T. Walker (Eds.)  Demystifying Crime and Criminal Justice, (2nd ed.).  New York: Oxford University Press.

Kuhns, J.B., Johnson, D., & King, W.R. (2011).  Resident perceptions of police mistreatment and use of force in a troubled Trinidadian neighborhood. Journal of Crime & Justice, 34(3), 234-249.

**Kuo, S.Y., Cuvelier, S.J., Sheu, C.J & Zhao, J. (2012).The concentration of criminal victimization and patterns of routine activities. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, 56(4), 573-598.

**Lai, Y., Zhao, J.S., & Longmire, D. (2012). Specific crime-fear linkage: The effect of
actual burglary incidents reported to the police on residents' fear of burglary. Journal of
Crime & Justice, 35(1), 13-34.

**Lee, H., **Lim, H., Moore, D., & *Kim, J. (2011).  How police organizational structure correlates with frontline officers' attitudes toward corruption: A multilevel model. Police Practice & Research. Advance online publication.

**Lee, J. & **Ruiz, J. (2011). Investigating discriminative bail setting: Multivariate analysis on Louisiana drug interdiction. Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice, 9, 22-40.

Marion, N. E. & Oliver, W.M.  (2012). Crime control in the 2008 Presidential campaign:  Symbolic politics or tangible policies?  American Journal of Criminal Justice 27(2), 111-125.

McCarty, W.P., Ren, L., & Zhao, J. (2012). Determinants of police strength in large U.S. cities during the 1990s: A fixed-effects panel analysis, Crime & Delinquency, 58(3), 397-424.

McCarty, W.P., Maguire, E.R., Wells, W., & Katz, C.K. (2011). Measuring community risk and protective factors: Evidence from a developing nation.  Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, 48, 594-620.

Messner, S.F., Teske, R.H.C., Baller, R.D., & Thome, H. (2012) Structural covariates violent crime rates in Germany:  Exploratory spatial analysis of kreise.  Justice Quarterly, 29(1), 1-27.

Miller, A. K., Markman, K. D., Amacker, A. M., & *Menaker, T. A. (2012). Expressed sexual assault legal context and victim culpability attributions. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 27, 1023-

Oliver, W.M., **Hill, J, & Marion, N.E. (2011). When the President speaks…: An analysis of Presidential influence over public opinion concerning the war of drugs. Criminal Justice Review, 36(4), 456-469.

Petrikovics I., *Wales M., *Budai M.,  Yu J.C.C., Szilasi M. (2011). Nano-intercalated organophosphorus hydrolyzing enzymes in organophosphorus antagonis. AAPS Pharm. Sci. Tech, 13(1), 1-6.

Petrikovics I., *Thompson D.E., *Rockwood G.A., *Logue B.A., * Martin S., *Jayanna P., Yu, J.C.C. (2011). Organ-distribution of the metabolite 2-aminothiazoline-4-carboxylic acid in a rat model following cyanide exposure. Biomarkers, 16(8), 686-690.

**Pollock, W., Oliver, W.M., & Menard, S. (2012).  Measuring the problem: A national examination of disproportionate police contact in the United States. Criminal Justice Review, 37(2), 153-173 

Ren, L., & Zhao, J.  (2012). Determinants of police strength in large U.S. cities during the 1990s: A fixed-effects panel analysis. Crime & Delinquency, 58(3), 397-424.

**Sever, M., & Roth, M.P. (2012). Public perceptions of white collar crime in
Turkey and some comparison with the United States. Asian Journal of Criminology. Advance online publication.

**Sever, M., &  Roth, M.P. (2011). The convergence of terrorism and organized crime: The
case of PKK. In  C. Strozier and J. Frank, (Eds.) The PKK: Financial Sources, Social and Political Dimensions, pp. 124-145. VDM Verlag Dr. Muller.

**Sohn, J.S., Webb, D., & Lee, S. J. (2012). Can Korean PCL-R predict implicit aggression among Korean Inmates? Asian Pacific Journal of Police & Criminal Justice, 8 (1), 1-19.

*Steinmetz, K.F. (2012).WikiLeaks and realpolitik. Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Criminology, 4(1), 14-52.

*Steinmetz, K. F. (2012). Message received: Virtual ethnography in online message boards. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 11(1), 26-39.

Wells, W., *Cavanaugh, M.R., Bouffard, J.A, & Nobles, M.R. (2011). Non-response bias with a web-based survey of college students: Differences from a classroom survey about carrying concealed handguns. Journal of Quantitative Criminology. Advanced online publication.

*Williams, C., & Roth, M.P. (2011). The importation and re-exportation of organized
crime: Explaining the rise and fall of the Jamaican posses in the United States. Trends in Organized Crime 14(4), 1-16.

Worley, V.B., & Vaughn, M.S.  (2012).  Shocking consequences: police officer liability for the use of tasers and stun guns.  Criminal Law Bulletin, 48(4).

Zhao, J., *Tsai, L., Ren, L., & Lai, Y.L. (2012). Public satisfaction with police control of disorder crime: Does public hold police accountable? Justice Quarterly. Advance online publication.

More Publications


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