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Recent Publications

See the latest research available from the faculty, students and alumni from the College of Criminal Justice.

Here is a list of recent publications by faculty, graduate students and alumni of Sam Houston State University, College of Criminal Justice.

Armstrong, T.A., & Boutwell, B.B. (2012). Low resting heart rate and rational choice: Integrating biological correlates of crime in criminological theories. Journal of Criminal Justice, 40(1), 31-39.

Behnken, M.P., Caudill, J.W., Berg, M.T., **Trulson, C.R., & DeLisi, M. (2011). Marked for death: An empirical criminal careers analysis of death sentences in a sample of convicted male homicide offenders. Journal of Criminal Justice, 39(6), 471-478.

Buckler, K., Wilson, S., **Hartley, D., & **Davila, M. (2011). Racial and ethnic perceptions of injustice: Does prior personal and vicarious incarceration experience alter the racial/ethnic gap in perceptions of injustice? Criminal Justice Review, 36(3), 269-290.

Cao, L., **Lai, Y.L., & Zhao, R. (2012). Shades of blue: Confidence in the police in the world. Journal of Criminal Justice, 40(1), 40-49.

Fox, K.A., & Cook, C.L. (2011). Is knowledge power? The effects of victimology courses on victim blaming. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 26(17) 3407-3427.

**Hemmens, C., & Bolen, J. (2011). Recent legal development: Criminal justice decisions of the United States Supreme Court 2011. Criminal Justice Review, 36(4), 393-413.

**Kappeler, V.E. , & **Gaines, L.K (2012). Community policing: A contemporary perspective, 6th Ed. San Diego, CA.: Anderson Publishing.

**Kim, B., Gerber, J., Henderson, C., & Kim, Y. (2012). Applicability of general power-control theory to prosocial and antisocial risk-taking behaviors among women in South Korea. The Prison Journal, 92(1), 125-150.

**Morris, R.G., Carriaga, M.L., Diamond, B., Piquero, N.L., & Piquero, A.R. (2012). Does prison strain lead to prison misbehavior? An application of general strain theory to inmate misconduct. Journal of Criminal Justice. Advance online publication.

Orrick, E.A., Worrall, J.L., **Morris, R.G., Piquero, A.R., Bales, W.D., & Wang, X. (2011). Testing social support theory: A multilevel analysis of recidivism. Journal of Criminal Justice, 39(6), 499-508.

**Stewart, D.M. (2011). Collaboration between federal and local law enforcement: An examination of Texas police chiefs’ perceptions. Police Quarterly, 14(4), 407-430.

Vieraitis, L.M., Britto, S. & **Morris, R.G. (2011). Assessing the impact of changes in gender equality on female homicide victimization: 1980-2000. Crime & Delinquency, Advance online publication.

Weir, H., **Stewart, D.M., & **Morris R.G.. (2012) Problematic alcohol consumption by police officers and other protective service employees: A comparative analysis. Journal of Criminal Justice, 40(1), 72-82.


Bold: Faculty
*: Graduate Student
**: Alumni

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