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Dr. Victoria Titterington is exploring the issue of crime and the elderly in a series of studies with graduate students.

Elderly and Crime

While the elderly represent the largest growing segment of the population, little is known about the nature and scope of crime impacting this generation.

Dr. Victoria Titterington is trying to change that with a series of studies that examine the elderly and crime. She recently gave an overview of her research to graduate students and faculty at a Brown Bag Lunch in the Criminal Justice Center.

The elderly, defined as persons over the age of 65, currently represent about 12 percent of the population in Texas. But with the baby boomer generation aging, that number is expected to double by 2030. While the elderly are only a minority of crime victims, they are at higher risk for property crimes, self-neglect and abuse, Dr. Titterington found in a 2010 report for the Crime Victims’ Institute called “Elder Abuse.”


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More Research

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