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Links to Criminal Behavior

Using DNA from an inmate population, Dr. Todd Armstrong is studying the link between genes, childhood adversity, and criminal behavior.

A team of researchers at the College of Criminal Justice is unlocking the mystery of the role that specific genes and childhood adversity have on criminal behavior. The study using DNA from inmates from a correctional facility in a large U.S. southern city, will assist in providing better treatment plans for offenders released from prison.

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College Welcomes Four New Professors

The College of Criminal Justice is expanding its faculty in behavioral genetics and forensic science with the addition of three new faculty members and a visiting professor. The new positions will help solidify the College’s influence and reputation in new and growing fields in criminal justice.

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The Search for Illegal Contraband

U.S. Postal Inspector Carl King is fighting crime through the U.S. Mail, including narcotics cases, child pornography, financial fraud and identity theft. His broad-ranging career enforces 300 federal laws and any criminal activity that involves a stamp and envelop or postal facilities and employees in the Houston area.

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Developing a Lab Test for Bath Salts

Bath salts, which were added to the list of illegal drugs in 2011, are routinely showing up in drug seizures in the Houston area and around the country. The Department of Forensic Science is developing a new laboratory test to detect bath salts in toxicology samples to help law enforcement identify those who use - or are killed by - the growing menace.

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Web-Based Training

The Correctional Management Institute of Texas found a new and improved way to offer training to those in the field using technology.  Teaming up with DELTA, which offers online courses at SHSU, CMIT provided its first webinar to probation officials across Texas to show them how to implement research-based practices where they work.

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Recent Publications

Faculty, graduate students and alumni from Sam Houston State University continue to lead research in the criminal justice field.

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