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CMIT teamed up with SHSU online services to deliver its first Web-based training session to probation officials throughout Texas.

Web-Based Training

The Correctional Management Institute of Texas hosted its first live broadcast on the Internet for adult probation officers to discuss ways to implement research-based practices in the field.

The Webinar, “Finding the Point with Evidence-Based Practices,” was attended by criminal justice agency personnel from 95 sites across Texas and was a cost-effective way to reach more professionals in the corrections field with nationally-known experts and a broad range of officials in Texas in the community correction process. This live, interactive program featured Dr. Christopher Lowenkamp, former Director of the Center for Criminal Justice Research and Associate Director of the Corrections Institute at the University of Cincinnati, as well as a panel of officials from Community Supervision and Corrections, probation supervisors, and judges from across the state.

“It’s a cost effective way to reach a lot of different people in the state of Texas,” said Craig Corder, a Project Coordinator from CMIT. “It‘s assisting the community supervisors and adult probation officers in the state and helping them to implement evidence-based practices in their departments.”

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