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Lt. Troy Finner rose from the ghettos to become the top ranking officer at the Houston  Police Department’s Public Affairs Unit.

Alumnus Finds Grassroots in Policing

Troy Finner grew up in the hood in Houston and became the first college graduate in his family. After making it to the top of his class in the College of Criminal Justice, he didn’t pursue a highly coveted federal position, instead returning to his hometown to help the community.

Lt. Finner, the top ranking, classified officer in Houston Police Department Public Affairs, recently returned to Sam Houston State University for “Grassroot: A Series of Conversations on Leadership in a Diverse Community” to encourage a new generation of students in pursuit of careers.

“I come from the hood; I was born in the 5th Ward and grew up in Hiram Clarke in Houston,” said Lt. Finner. “I have worked for the Houston Police Department for 23 years, and I’ve had a wonderful time.”

Lt. Finner began his career in Southwest Houston, where he was part of the Weed and Seed Program, a U.S. Justice Department initiative to “weed” out criminal elements in neighborhoods and then “seed” in positive programs to support youth and the community. He also worked in the Police Athletic League as a way help area youth stay out of trouble.

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