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Recent Publications

Three professors at the College of Criminal Justice earned a national award for a study on gun possession arrests in Houston.

Recent Publications

Here is a list of publications recently produced by faculty, students and alumni of Sam Houston State University, College of Criminal Justice.

Armstrong, T.A., Armstrong, G.S., & Katz, C.M. (2013). Testing the influence of community characteristics on school misconduct. Justice Quarterly. Advance online publication.

Boisvert, D., Boutwell, B.B., Barnes, J.C., & Vaske, J. (2013). Genetic and environmental influences underlying the relationship between low self-control and substance use. Journal of Criminal Justice, 41(4), 262-272.

Boutwell, B.B., Barnes, J.C., & Beaver, K.M. (2013). Life-course persistent offenders and the propensity to commit sexual assault. Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment, 25, 69-81.

Brown, J.M., & Sorensen, J.R.** (2013). Race, ethnicity, gender, and waiver to adult court. Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice, 11(3), 181-195.

Cramer, R.J., Nobles, M., Amacker, A., & Dovoedo, L. (2013). Defining and evaluating perceptions of victim blame in anti-gay hate crimes. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. Advance online publication.

Franklin, C.A. (2013). Anticipating intimacy or sexual victimization? Danger cue recognition and delayed behavioral responses to a sexually risky scenario. Feminist Criminology, 8(2), 87-116.

Hartley, D.J.**, Davila, M.A., Marquart, J.W., & Mullings, J.L. (2013). Fear is a disease: The impact of fear and exposure to infectious disease on correctional officer job stress and satisfaction. American Journal of Criminal Justice, 38(2), 323-340.

Jo, Y.**, & Zhang, Y. (2013). Parenting, self-control, and delinquency: Examining the applicability of Gottfredson and Hirschi’s General Theory of Crime to South Korean youth. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology. Advance online publication.

Lee, J.**, Zhang, Y., & Hoover, L. (2013). Profiling weapon use in domestic violence: Multilevel analysis of situational and neighborhood factors. Victims & Offenders, 8(2), 164-184.

**Lim, H., Kim, C., Eck, J., & Kim, J. (2013). The crime prevention effects of open-street CCTV in South Korea. Security Journal. Advance online publication.

Marion, N.E., & Oliver, W. M. (2013). When the mayor speaks . . . Mayoral crime control rhetoric in the top U.S. cities: Symbolic or tangible? Criminal Justice Policy Review, 24(4), 473-491.

Nobles, M.R., & Fox, K.A. (2013). Assessing stalking behaviors in a Control Balance Theory Framework. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 40(7), 737-762.

Pyrooz, D.C. (2013). From colors and guns to caps and gowns? The effects of gang membership on educational attainment. Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency. Advance online publication.

Pyrooz, D.C., Sweeten, G., & Piquero, A.R. (2013). Continuity and change in gang membership and gang embeddedness. Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, (50)2, 239-271.

Thomas, S.A., Moak, S.C., & Walker, J.T.**(2013). The contingent effect of race in juvenile court detention decisions: The role of racial and symbolic threat. Race and Justice, 3(3), 239-265.

Trahan, A., & Stewart, D.M. **(2013). Toward a pragmatic framework for mixed-methods research in criminal justice and criminology [Electronic Version]. Applied Psychology in Criminal Justice, 9(1), 59-74.

Vandiver, D. M.**, & Dupalo, J.R. (2013). Factors that affect college students’ perceptions of rape: What is the role of gender and other situational factors? International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, 57(5), 523-525.

Zhao, J., Tsai, C.*, Ren, L., & Lai, Y.* (2012). Public satisfaction with police control of disorder crime: Does the public hold police accountable? Justice Quarterly. Advance online publication.


Bold: Faculty

*: Doctoral Students

**: Alumni


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