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New Degree Programs

Criminal justice professionals and students can expand their career opportunities with new programs offered at Sam Houston State University.

To help professionals and students advance in their careers, the College of Criminal Justice is launching three new programs, including an online Master's degree in victim services, an online graduate certificate for law enforcement and correction officers, and an undergraduate minor in forensic anthropology.

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Interviewing Victims of Child Abuse

Online Master's Student Rebecca Cunio is giving victims of child abuse a voice in the criminal justice system. Learn more about her job as a forensic interviewer for the Child Advocacy Center in Anderson and Cherokee counties.

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Leading Police and Corporate Security

When Police Chief Al Philippus retired after 27 years with the San Antonio Police Department, he didn't stop working. Instead, he took on a new career as Vice President at Valero. Find out what he learned at SHSU that has carried him through both careers.

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Cyberstalking Vs. Stalking

To better understand the emerging crime of cyberstalking, Dr. Matt Nobles explores its similarities and differences with traditional stalking and what lessons it offers for law enforcement and policy makers.

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Focusing on Police Chiefs

Texas Police Chiefs recently gathered at the Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas to discuss the hot topics in the field that will help them train the police force of the future. Get a preview of the issues on their agenda for the next two years.

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Recent Publications

The SHSU College of Criminal Justice was recently ranked fourth among criminal justice doctoral programs in the number of articles published over the last four years. Here is a list of the latest research published by Faculty, Doctoral Students and Alumni of the College.

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