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Victim's Voices

The Clothesline Project, which honored 114 victims killed in domestic violence cases in Texas during 2012, was one of three events held by the College this fall.

To raise awareness about victim issues, organizations on campus launched three events for Domestic Violence Awareness Month, including a memorial to Texas victims, a documentary screening, and a new speaker series.

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Checking the Mail

As a U.S. Postal Inspector, Stephaine Harden protects the U.S. mail system from theft, fraud, illegal use, threats and other dangers.

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Flying High

Alumnus Marc Glasser found his career path in federal service, including stints in the FAA, the Bureau of Diplomatic Service, and the U.S. Department of Transportation.

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DNA Investigations

Dr. Sheree Hughes-Stamm is developing a cost effective and streamlined method to speed up the identification process for victims of mass disasters.

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Impaired Driving

Following the success of programs for police, schools and employers, the Impaired Driving Initiatives launches a plan to teach probation and parole officers to recognize the signs of drugged driving.

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Top Female Scholars

Two faculty in the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology and an alumna were named among the top female scholars in the field.

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