Recent Publications

Here is a list of publications recently produced by faculty, students and alumni of Sam Houston State University, College of Criminal Justice.

*Campbell, B. A., **Menaker, T. A., & King, W. R. (2015). The determination of victim credibility by adult and juvenile sexual assault investigators. Journal of Criminal Justice, 43(1), 29-39.

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Finn, M. A., Muftić, L.R., & Marsh, E.I. (2015). Exploring the overlap between victimization and offending among women in sex work. Victims & Offenders (10)1, 74-94.

Franklin, C. A., & **Menaker, T. A. (2014). The impact of observer characteristics on blame assessments of prostituted female youth. Feminist Criminology, Advance online publication.

Franklin, T. W. (2015). Sentencing outcomes in U.S. District Courts: Can offenders’ educational attainment guard against prevalent criminal stereotypes? Crime & Delinquency. Advance online publication.

**Koeppel, M. D., & Bouffard, L. (2014). Sexual orientation, child abuse, and intimate partner violence victimization. Violence and Victims, 29(3), 436-450

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**Lee, H., Vaughn, M. S., & **Lim, H. (2014). The impact of neighborhood crime levels on police use of force: An examination at micro and meso levels. Journal of Criminal Justice, 42(6), 491-499.

Maljević, A., & Muftić, L. R. (2014). Attitudes toward electronic monitoring: An exploratory analysis among criminal justice students in Bosnia and Herzegovina. European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research, 20(2), 243-258.

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**Matusiak, M. C., Vaughn, M. S., & del Carmen, R. V. (2014). The progression of "Evolving Standards of Decency" in US Supreme Court decisions. Criminal Justice Review 39(3), 253-271. 0734016814531779.

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Miller, H. A. (2015). Protective strengths, risk, and recidivism in a sample of known sexual offenders. Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment, 27(1), 34-50.

**Morris, R. G. (2015) Exploring the effect of exposure to short-term solitary confinement among violent prison inmates. Journal of Quantitative Criminology. Advance online publication.

Pacula, R. L., & Lundberg, R. (2015). Why changes in price matter when thinking about marijuana policy: A review of the literature on the elasticity of demand. Public Health Reviews, 35(2), 1-18.

**Pollock, W. (2014). Things change: An intergenerational examination of the correlates of police contact. Crime & Delinquency, 60(8), 1183-1208.

**Pollock, W., Menard, S., Elliott, D.S., & Huizinga, D. H. (2015). It's official: Predictors of self-reported vs. officially recorded arrests. Journal of Criminal Justice, 43(1), 69-79.

Reyns, B. W., Henson, B., Fisher, B. S., Fox, K. A., & Nobles, M. R. (2015). A gendered lifestyle-routine activity approach to explaining stalking victimization in Canada. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. Advance online publication.

**Sorensen, J. R., Vigen, M. P., Woods, S. O., & Williams, B. D.(2014). Assaults on inmates and staff by perpetrators of intimate partner homicide: An examination of competing hypotheses. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. Advance online publication.

*Spooner, K., & Vaughn, M. (2014). Youth Sexting: A legislative and constitutional analysis. Journal of School Violence, Advance online publication.

**Steinmetz, K. F., & Gerber, J. (2014). "The greatest crime syndicate since the Gambinos": A hacker critique of government, law, and law enforcement. Deviant Behavior, 35(3), 243-261.

Stewart, D. M., & Oliver, W. M. (2014). The adoption of homeland security initiatives in Texas police departments a contextual perspective. Criminal Justice Review. Advance online publication.

Vaske, J. C., Newsome, J., Boisvert, D. L., Piquero, A. R., Paradis, A. D., & Buka, S. L. (2015). The impact of low birth weight and maternal age on adulthood offending. Journal of Criminal Justice, 43(1), 49-56.

Ward, J. T., Nobles, M. R., & Fox, K. A. (2015). Disentangling self-control from its elements: A bifactor analysis. Journal of Quantitative Criminology. Advance online publication.

Wolfe, S. E., & Pyrooz, D. C. (2014). Rolling back prices and raising crime rates? The Walmart effect on crime in the United States. British Journal of Criminology, 2, 199-221.

Zhao, J. S., & Ren, L. (2014). Exploring the dimensions of public attitudes toward the police. Police Quarterly. Advance online publication.

Bold: Faculty
*: Doctoral Students
**: Alumni

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